VS Roll (Vacuum Suction Roll)



What is "VS ROLL" (Vacuum Suction Roll)

"VS ROLL" is made of a material with non-woven textile and elastic urethane. By the excellent ability of remove the liquid and highly endurance. This roll uses for automobile press line and share line, and steel plant, electronics factories , and film industrial etc...


Compared to a usual rubber roll. VS ROLL is able to preventing rust and pollution at water revoving process. And able to coat thin membrane at oil or chemical removing process . By adopting VS ROLL the higher productivity, the decrease of dryer power, the quality stabilization ,and the development of new process are expected.

Cost Reduction & Reliability

"VS ROLL enables energy saving by reducing dryer power, and prevent the global warming. Oil and chemical liquid are enabled to recover and re-using, In addition this roll has a good durability compared to conventional rubber roll.


sheet feeder in press line


Testing examples

The average of coating quantity in experiment is 28g/㎡

①No1:Normal Fiber, Hardness Shore A85 Linear pressure 10kg/cm
②No2(Blue):Normal Fiber, Hardness Shore A85 Linear pressure 10kg/cm

①No1:Normal Fiber, Hardness Shore A85 Linear pressure 10kg/cm
②No2(Red):Micro Fiber, Hardness Shore A55 Linear pressure 5kg/cm Vacuum System



Impurities are decreased because the flow quantity of fluid 200~400 liter per minute 
It enables to save costs due to reduce the waste produts that damaged by remain oil.
Scraps or reformed parts by FOD (foreign object damaged) are approximately 70%-80% decreased. 
Less damage on the roll surface and oil trace is not appeared even though the different width sheets. 


Guide roll for non-slip
Water cutting after cleaning or before drying
Oil cutting after leveling or before recoiling
Fluid cutting after chemical treatments
Uniform coating water,oil,resin,etc