Bangkok Modern Business Co., Ltd. (BMB)

Company Overview

Bangkok Modern Business Co., Ltd. (BMB) was formed by group of business and technical experts, who have professional experienced in industrial and import/export equipments. We target to be serving industries factory in Thailand for Global industrial equipment manufacturers.


Based on our shareholders experiences, we can offer the better supports to customers including our engineering staffs as well. BMB has evolved into industrial equipments suppliers since we knew that the market demand for high-end industrial parts grew up. Even though it was not the huge demand, we can concentrate to meet with customer’s needs.

As mentions above, we have a very good relationship with partners in Europe and Asia who had a lot of experiences in various industrial sectors; we strongly believe that we can serve to meet with your needs.

Our Ambition to

  • Become a fully distribution international industrial equipments to meet your needs
  • Become service/support base upon your requested.
  • Be prompt action to satisfy your needs


Corporate Name
Bangkok Modern Business Co., Ltd.

Address (Head Office)
1991/132 Sukumvit 77 (Onnuch), Suan Luang, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250 Thailand.

February 06, 2002

Company purpose and nature of business

Line of Business

  • Trading for industrial products.
  • Distributor of Thermo Plastics Valve, Pipe and Fittings from Japan.
  • Distributor of Plastics Inspection Chamber from Japan.
  • Distributor of FRP Panel Tank from Japan.
  • Distributor of BEI Sensors, from USA, sales of Encoder product.
  • Design and manufacturer of Vacuum Suction Roll systems (VS Roll).
  • Sales agent of Kubota from Japan, sales of pump.
  • Sales agent of Imbil from Brasil, sales of pump.
  • Subcontracting of related plastic engineering works. 
  • All Businesses related to the above.

Nature of business

Bangkok Modern Business Co., Ltd. is a company which specializes in the sales of various types of Thermoplastics valve and piping systems, also of products which incorporate these plastics and also offer related installation and support services. 

We also market finished products which concerned with industrial sector.